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My Sketch Book 2015-08-28 by HowXu
My Sketch Book 2015-08-28
My! It takes three weeks of my traditional art class to finish this piece. 
Referencing a Fluttershy plushie photo found on Google search.
Weekly art#35 young pegasus by HowXu
Weekly art#35 young pegasus
:iconfillyfluttershyplz: He...hello?

I need to try applying the knowledge I learn from my traditional drawing class to my illustration. Also I notice that I  never draw Fluttershy in her younger self before. So I gave it a try!

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Weekly art#34 wish by HowXu
Weekly art#34 wish
:iconfluttershyhappyplz: I wish everyone is loved tonight

I received so many happy birthday comments!
Thank you all for my birthday! ^^

Some people send me the link of PinkiePie's "make a wish" song as well.  I'd like to use this song as my response:…
May the kindness in our heart help us find better days :aww:
Chrysalis's fluttered adventure p10-P17 by HowXu
Chrysalis's fluttered adventure p10-P17
[Page10 - 17]: you're here
[Page18]: (Working in progress)
[Page19]: (Working in progress)
[Page20]: (Working in progress)
[Page21]: (Working in progress)

Thanks Ajay for the proofreading.

It has been more than a year before the last update of this series. Well, I know I should've complete this series earlier. In fact I have completed the coloring several months ago. But somehow I can't seem to call it done. 

I admit that the previous 9 pages are actually just fooling around. The core idea is in this long strip.  I fear that the lengthy elaboration of the event's background would seems to be boring, so I extended them to the goofy 4komas. I had no problem in completing them. But when I get into the this part, I just feel something is not right. At first, I thought there's not enough description for portraying the story. Therefore I made some adjustments, add some panels, increase the length, try to make the emotion work more flowly. But then, somehow I feel there's something missing. The strength I was looking for wasn't quite there.  I tried to find what's the missing part, but couldn't figure it out. This feeling make me unwilling to post it. Eventually I abandoned it, thought it might not be worthy to continue. 

For a long time, I hadn't touch this series. Until just recently, I somehow thought of this comic strip. After re-read it, I think perhaps the problems is that 
the characters reactions wasn't genuine enough to make the whole scene convincing. Or perhaps I overdone the emotion part and make it look too superficial. However, Since I already started it, I should let it have an ending. Therefore, I came back to work on its original idea that came up almost two years ago. Also, many thanks to Ajay's help with my poor writing, which make me more confident with this piece. 

Hope you like it.

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Hello friends on DA.

After a week of resting. my left shoulder has almost recover. However the pain still persist in my right arms. So recently I went to the doctor. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with lateral epicondylitis, A.K.A Tennis Elbow. This is a very bad news to me. It means that the injury is not within my muscle, it's within my tendon. Oh dear, why it has to be tendon >_<. Tendon heal very slow. Literature suggest that it might take six to twelfth months for full recovery. That's a very long time. I need to prepare for a long war against pain. 

Of course I won't rest for six months. Like many Tennis players who suffer Tennis Elbow didn't need to give up playing Tennis completely. But I need to find a balance between works, drawing and resting.

Hope it would heal faster than Literature suggest.

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clubpenguin1 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Hello, Do you do requests? ^^
Strawberryn097 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Howxu, which software did you use for draw theses awesome drawings ?
HowXu Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I used Photoshop most of the time. Sometimes I might used Sai as well.
Strawberryn097 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, thanks for replied.
MlpSketch Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are your commissions still open?
HowXu Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Well, Yes it is. Just that I only do paid commission. 
Do you wish to commission me?
MlpSketch Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Soon, yes
Crydius Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015
Hey HowXu, can I ask you something ?

I know you're from Taiwan, but considering the style of your comics and some of your work I wanted to ask : do you speak Japanese ?
HowXu Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Not really, I actually know very little about Japanese. 
Crydius Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I see. Nevermind then. ^^
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