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April 2, 2013
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PranksterShy Spike by HowXu PranksterShy Spike by HowXu
:iconfancydiscordplz: OK, Fluttershy. Do you know why you fail?
:iconfluttershyisshyplz: hm, I guessed I really should have checked out my looks before go out for the prank.
:icondiscordismadplz: No, that's not the point. The point is you are not "zombie" enough!
:iconflutterthinkplz: huh?
:icondiscordismadplz: You need to act like a zombie, you need to think like a zombie, you need to talk like a zombie, you need to be a zombie!
:iconfancydiscordplz: Now, watch me how I play the role of zombie and bite Angel's head off.
:icondiscordomgwtfbbqplz: brains~~~~~~
:iconflutterthoughtfulplz: oh my~

(declaration: no bunny were hurt in this description:icondiscordumadplz:)

:iconfancydiscordplz: 好了,Fluttershy。知道為啥妳會失敗嗎?
:iconfluttershyisshyplz: 嗯.l..我想我再出去前實在應該先看看自己會是甚麼樣子的...
:icondiscordismadplz: 不!那不是重點!重點是妳不夠「殭屍」!
:iconflutterthinkplz: 啊?
:icondiscordismadplz: 妳的一言一行、言談舉止、所思所想都要如同殭屍才行!!!
:iconfancydiscordplz: 好好看看我是如何扮演好殭屍並把天使兔的頭給咬下來吧
:icondiscordomgwtfbbqplz: 腦子子子子子子子~~~~~~
:iconflutterthoughtfulplz: 喔,天哪~
Idea by :iconbonesatellite:
Art and description by me.

After reformed, Discord finally persuade Fluttershy into playing some harmless pranks to her friends.

Rarity: [link]
AppleJack: [link]
RainbowDash: [link]
PinkiePie: [link]
TwilightSparkle: [link]
Extra:Spike: you're here

This could be the last one for this series. To be honest, I was only thought of ideas for mane 6. However, :iconbonesatellite: reminded me that one crucial character was missing: Spike.

Like :iconbonesatellite: said, the show is not just about pony. More importantly, it is about friendship. Despite his unique race amount the protagonists, many of the story scene have shown that Spike is a irreplaceable friend that all ponies like and care. He has the same caring heart and civilization quality. Moreover, he had proved himself to be as important as any of the mane 6 as he play a vital role in defeating King Sombra and restore the order of the crystal empire.

This makes me willing to go the extra miles and make his part as well. In fact, I am very fond of the idea of inter-racial friendship. I believe true friendship could tolerate and overcome all kind of individual differences.
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I don´t believe discord in your description. He did something to angel, Right?
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