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June 4, 2012
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Why is she your friend? by HowXu Why is she your friend? by HowXu
:iconmlpoctaviaplz: Let's just say she's always there whenever I need her.

Inspired by the fan video:"Epic Wub Time: Musicians of Ponyville" Youtube linK:"[link]" not by the part of Bass cannon, but by the part of the two mares lives in the same house. There's a lot of differences between them, one is refined and classy, another is rather wild and boorish(at least in fanon). So there's may be a lot of conflicts between them just as the video depicted. Thus I wonder why Octavia consider Vinyl her friend. And suddenly this story comes up to mind.

I like comic, especially colored comic,. so I decided to draw one just like my previous 4 koma. But the story came up to mind is a bit long, I'm not sured how to present them. I still manage to finish it in the end, but I'm not sured if it suit for the story. Anyway, I think I still need to try different kind of way to draw a comic and find a best way for my art style.

(note: English is not my native language. Please feel free to correct me)

Update in June 5:
Oh my Celestia!:O. Over 17,000 view and 500 favs in one day?! How is it possible?:omfg:

I don't know what to say. Not just because I'm not good at words(Not to mention I'm not a native English speaker) but I'm totally amazed by what my small comic had done. Well, I think all I could say is thank you. It is such a pleasure to be able to participate in MLP fans community. Thank you very much.

Update in June 6:
Thanks, everyone. And thanks EqD for willing to feature this little comic.

Through the feedback, I notice there's different way to call Octavia's nickname, for example, Tavi. As a foreigner, I don't really understand the differences between Octy and Tavi. To me they are all just nickname which are used in close relationship. Could someone explain them to me, please?

Thank you very much!:)

Update in June 9:
Thanks Jenetikitty, Blade10000 and Argofinkal for answering my question. ^_^
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Danisnotonfire: FEELS 
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Quick call a doctor! Tell'em it's a Feels Attack!
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:iconfeelsplz: dem feels
FlutterDashFTW Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student Artist
:iconfeelzplz: er mer gerd... dem feels T_T... *Goes to corner and cries* UAGHH!!
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Great, there goes another one. Luckily I have hearts stashed all over the town in case of heart emergencies. Now, where did I left that scalpel?
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The feels tho
i love your art!!
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